Gun Control


Eventually I may do an article on gun control but for now facts I find here and there will have to do. Here's something interesting:

I found this in "American Rifleman" (Feb 2001).It appears that in Great Britain that gun crime is up 10% this year. Their source was the London Sunday Times (Oct 22). Gee, that's intersting I thought they banned guns....Gee yet another Liberal Idea shown to not work.

Obviuosly I'm not a fan of gun control. If I was I would also be a fan of people like oh say..Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler the butcher of Beijing oh I mean Deng Xao Peng (The Chinese leader at the time of the Teinemin square massacre), Fidel Castro...shall I continue?

We've recently had a pair of school mass murders in our country. Needless to say the anti-gun nuts are at it again! But there is another connection between many of these shootings.Anti-depressants given to these kids!

Here is another good point being made about guns, gun control and these shootings also found on Newsmax

Recently I received from my Aunt Dolly a piece that I liked about the Columbine Massacre. It's a little on the religious side but I decided it should be up.

From Aunt Dolly