Could Somebody please tell me....


Why government needs to grow faster than inflation plus population growth?

How an 11% increase in administrative spending helps ease transportation problems?

Why the government expects to receive 28.6 trillion dollars over 10 years why we can't afford a 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut.

Why the second ammendment is a collective right and the first is an individual right?

Why some people want more gun control when they don't enforce the laws they have and yet it doesn't work in the countries that have it.On top of that Switzerland has firearms in evrey home by law and they have the lowest crime rate in Europe?

Why we allow a sixteen year old girl to get an abortion that could permanently sterilize her or even kill her with out parental permission. But don't let her get a tattoo until she is 18 even with parental permission or get anything beyond her ears peirce with out it?

Why we should've have an outside independent audit of the state transprtation department?which the govenor and State Senate transportation chair repeatedly shoot down.

Why we need a gas tax increase when there is 30 billion over 10 years to be found in waste in the state gavornment and those same politicians are complaining about high gas prices and are even wanting price controls.

How it is that de-regulation of the power industry is to blame when it:

Didn't allow for verticle integration of power suppliers and producers
Didn't allow power producers and power utilities to sign long term contracts but instead forced utilites to buy power on the expensive spot market.
We haven't had any real increase in power production in the last ten years.

Why we need more HOV lanes when we don't use the ones we have?

How it is we're taking money from public education when were providing more money for education at much more than inflation plus population growth when we use part of that new money for a voucher program?

How it is that homosexuality is a "natural thing" and a lifestyle choice at the same time?

Why is it that if a pregnant woman is killed along with her unborn child we charge the killer with two counts of murder but it's not a life if she has an abortion?