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Well here is my politics page.It will expand when I figure a few more things out and get more stuff to put up.I will eventually post some articles by myself or others. Political humor has largely been relegated to a sub page of this one.Occassionally a "bad word or two may appear. This will only be as part of or tied in with any humor I happen to get in my e-mail. It may appear outside the political humor page but only for a short while (re: until it is old) Here is the link to my humor section (the reason the cartoon came down...it just moved):

Political Humor

I've been doing somethinking recently and there are several things that bed wetting liberals are in favor of but make very little sense so I was wondering ifsome body could please tell me....

O'k mhere is something new.It is my opinion on canpaign finance reform:Why campaign finance reform is a screwy idea......

Here is a new page that I've decided to add. I've decided to post my views on specific subjects with each on it's own special page. My first is for a subject that is of major importance to me. I will do each with most of the links and articles I have for the page.

Gun Control

Here is something I recently recieved in my e-mail.

parents revenge

O'k here something else I got from Aunt Dolly. It concerns fixing Social Security.I Personally think either end it and meet our commitments to those who paid in for year instead of sticking people my age with a screwy system or let it be partially privetized (you know the president's plan).

An open challenge to all U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives

Here is an article from my friend Dr P. Bradley Carey. All mail and rebuttals should be sent to me and either I or Bradley will respond. You may also reach Bradley through his website. The gudielines for rebuttals are below.

The Accreditation Deception

Guide lines for rebuttals and addendums:

  1. You MUST have your real name on what you write.

  2. All things submitted must be a point counter point format. I will not post staight emotional arguements or straight dogma. These may be in an article, but only with the before mentioned criterea satisfied.

  3. ALL references must be given.

  4. You may include appropriate links and an e-mail address where others can reach you. If you don't I will forward to you any hate mail (and compliments) intended for you. Basically if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

Feel free to send me hate mail (or compliments) at macken36016@hot-shot.com I will respond to all e-mails in due time.

Also since I value information (why do you think I'm so loud? I wouldn't be so loud if I couldn't back up my position)I decided to include some links to some news sites on the web:


Fox News

Worldnet Daily

This is a good site for international news especially info regarding military type news:

Jane's Information

Here is one from Russia:


As many know I am a fan of tak radio. Recently there have been some changes though. For those that don't know Art Bell recently retired (yes again). Premire networks entirely redid the website of coast to coastam and got a new webmaster (neither the site nr the new host is as good as before). How ever the webmaster of the old site has continued what was the "quickening news and then later known as abby normal news at a new site.

abby normal news

I also used to listen almost exclusively to 570 KVI. Back in August the stations management decided to show that they had the bussiness sense of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Socialist err... I mean Democrat California) by getting rid of Michael Medved and replacing him with Sean Hannity. Now while I like Hannity I like Medved better. If His now station 770 KTTH was to get somebody who I liked in the morning and afternoon and Rush Limbaugh were to switch I wouldn't need that tation anymore. I really don't care for Michael Savage but I can put up with him for a little while. The 7 til 10 host though is far supperior and that is Laura Ingraham