Soo Bahk Do



I currently train and teach at Curt McCauley Sa Bom Nim's Channel Town Soo Bahk Do in La Conner, Washington. I'm currently a 3rd Dan (black belt for those who do not do martial arts but we wear midnight blue in Soo Bahk Do) and a certified instructor. More stuff is coming.

The regional tournement was back in March. ASnother instructor and I did a demonstration with a set of sparring sequences based entirely on yuk ro hyungs (du moon, chung jul and Po wal)proceded by those hyungs. I'll post pictures if any turn out good. It was in La Conner at the high school gym.

Here is a picture recently taken of me and another friend doing a set of techniques. Kevin is doing a Peet cha gi (reverse round house kick) and I'm doing a variation of choi han dan mahkee (the lowest low block). The pictuire was taken at the school in La Conner where I normally train at a Friday night black belt work out.

Kevin's dad was taking pictures for ads my instructor will be doing that night and offered to take some pictures.

I originally began training at Master Bill Diaz's school in Mt. Vernon when I was fourteen (where the brewery is now). When that school closed after Master Diaz left the area and later left the Federation, I then moved out to the then Kyo Sa Nim McCauley's (now Master McCauley) school in La Conner where I became his student. That was five years ago and I've been training for eight years total.

O'k here it is folks. Here is an excellent example of true Soo Bahk Do Sparring and true oneness with nature. It is also a good example of complete awareness of one's environment.:-)

Be sure to turn up the sound on your computer.

Soo Bahk Do in Natural Surroundings

Last November I attended the U.S Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation's national Championships in New Jersey. Here is a picture that was taken of me and Hwang Sa Bom Nim (the grandmaster's son) when there was a photo op.